Why sonic vibration tools are better for cleansing

Why sonic vibration tools are better for cleansing

Blass Beauty The Cleansing Brush


The first and most important step in anyone's skincare routine, cleansing your skin should always be done thoroughly and with the right products. If you’re washing your face with your hands alone, you could be missing out on opportunities to get rid of deeper impurities within your skin that can lead to future breakouts. Sonic vibration tools gently exfoliate your skin while unclogging and reducing the appearance of pores. Learn the benefits of using these vibrating brushes to clean your skin.

Remove oil, sebum, and toxins

Vibrating brushes enable you to get rid of even more oil and dirt trapped in your pores while keeping your hands off of your face, getting the job done efficiently. Silicone bristles are a safer and more sanitary option than nylon bristles because they’re non-porous and resistant to bacterial buildup for fewer breakouts.

Protect your skin barrier

Silicone scrubbers are less abrasive with applied pressure, which means you can get a deeper clean without irritation and redness. Other facial brushes and scrubbers can cause micro tears in the skin and lead to damage and even hyperpigmentation.

Stimulate blood circulation

The sonic vibrations created by smart cleansing brushes allow for microcirculation of blood flow, which also helps with the production collagen in the skin while exfoliating and cleansing the skin at the cellular level. This promotes healthier, smoother skin and a brighter complexion with no downtime.

Get a deep clean with the Blass Cleansing Brush

The Blass Cleansing Brush easily removes leftover makeup with LED light therapy to reveal your skin’s natural glow. The brush allows for a gentle, deeper penetration into your pores that is more effective than cleansing with a washcloth or your hands. Add this sonic vibration beauty tool to your skincare regime for boosting your confidence! 
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