The technology behind microcurrent devices

The technology behind microcurrent devices

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Why you need the at-home microcurrents devices in your skincare routine?

Microcurrent devices are currently one of the most trending facial tools in the beauty industry at this moment, with technology advancing you are now able to bring home the microcurrent devices and use them as a part of your daily skincare or facial regimen. For years, you would have had to call your med-spa or dermatologist to book an appointment then head to the office to receive the microcurrent treatment, which would cost hundreds of dollars to get that “lift and firmness” in your face between just a few visits; even then you would not have achieved your desired results in those short period of sessions. With the invention of microcurrent tools you are now able to save your money, your time and have more consistency. The convenient use of the microcurrent devices allows you to be able to do your own treatments right at the comfort of your home!  

The results of using microcurrent therapy

The microcurrent device uses low vibration microcurrents of electricity to the skin that will stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the cells. This will subtly lift and firm your skin within minutes, toning and sculpting your face. The microcurrent therapy is noninvasive therapy which prevents wrinkles and the looseness in the skin. Over time, your skin will become tighter with a more contoured look when you use the microcurrent devices in your daily skincare routine. To get the best results from a microcurrent therapy, it is recommended that you prep the skin with a primer or moisturizer each time you start the session. Our Blass Balm is formulated to use prior to your microcurrent therapy, to bring hydration to your face to produce collagen, as a results of the mircocurrent devices your skin will look more regenerated and rejuvenated which will boost your confidence.

Who should use microcurrent tools?

Anyone looking to firm or tone their face and neck can benefit from the use of the  microcurrent devices. It is also beneficial with preventing anti-aging and wrinkles. Blass Beauty currently offers two different tools with microcurrent technology to take your skincare routine to the next level, with our The Electric Gua Sha 3 in 1 Facial Tool, that is designed to restore firmness to your skin with a combination of vibration, heat and Led light therapy and The Blass Lip Plumper, is a vibrating microcurrent technology that improves the plumpness and appearance of your lips in a matter of minutes. We recommend to us these beauty tools up to 5 minutes (for each) each day if you want to see maximum results. The best thing about the mircocurrent devices is the they are pain-free, safe and effective for long term use, that doesn't require any downtime, how perfect is that! 


Disclaimer: If you have severe acne, we recommend you speak with your dermatologists before using microcurrent devices to prevent any further inflammation that will cause any major acne breakout. As well as, anyone with heart issues or a pace maker or pregnant woman in their first trimester is not advised to use before they consultant with their Doctor.

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