The perfect primer does exist!

The perfect primer does exist!

Gua Sha and Blass Balm

The importance of using a primer

Primer has been in the makeup game for as long as we can remember, usually known as the first step in our makeup routine after our skincare prep. As a base product it helps with building out our foundation to provide a smoother and velvety finish. There are different types of primers out there that comes in varies forms such as SPF based primer, hydrating primer, illuminating primer, and mattifying primer; all these primers each serve a purpose of what your skin may need while wearing makeup. It is very important to apply a primer that is right for you before your foundation so you can have a long-lasting wear the entire day. So of course we put together a pros list of reasons why you should never skip over your primer in your beauty routine! 

Pros of using a primer

  • Primer allows the surface of our skin to be smooth and soft. A smoother surface helps with the application of makeup to go on effortlessly and allows it to appear more even, plus it is light in weight! 
  • Primer acts as a sealer for your skin and it allows your makeup to stay on longer during the day. It also protects your skin from the buildup of your makeup and other free radicals that may seeping through and clog your pores.  
  • Primer helps to eliminate the dull look that sometimes foundation can take on when it gets oxidized. Wearing a base coat of primer allows your foundation to look more vibrant and fresh! 
  • It is great for using during the summer when your skin gets more oily due to the rising temperature and humidity. Using primer can act as an absorbent for your skin and prevent excess oil from appearing, it also keeps your skin from being too shiny.  
  • Using primer can create the look on your skin that most filters on your phones’ camera can’t! Primer reduces the appearance of pores, unwanted acne and hyperpigmentation in photos, going you a flawless look overall! 

The Gua Sha + Primer Duo

Take your beauty routine to new heights and elevate your skincare prep before your makeup application by using our Gua Sha + Primer Duo to contour and lock in hydration a few minutes before. First apply the Primer which has all natural ingredients and a gentle formula that also makes it an ideal base for makeup, then use the Gua Sha sculpting tool to lift your face as it will help your skin absorb the Primer better, after 3 minutes you are go to with applying your makeup for a seamless look. This dynamic duo is also perfect for adding to your morning or night skincare. Since our primer is all natural, it works with all skin types making it the perfect primer ever and we guarantee if you use the duo you will notice a major difference in your makeup!

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